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Category Archives: shoes

Too much spare time?

I hope you guys now what drops on the 23rd!!!! What is known as Collezione Pack from the Jordan Brand, is two pair of Air Jordans whose total sum equals 23(ie 18+5=23)

Not to be outclassed, the Jordan Six Rings shoes drops on Saturday. I don’t know about these kicks, They’re basically a mix of all the shoes Jordan wore when the Chicago Bulls won their six rings, hence the name.

What a weekend….barely any sleep. I’m supposed to be getting ready to go shopping right now, but peeps is running late. So two mini parties, a gay wedding, and work, Olympics!!!!! I just want to sleep.
Been blastin that Murs mixtape like loco! You have to D/L IT!!!! Other than that, Top Ranking is in heavy rotation on the iPod, too.

Nike Air Scandal, too bad these are for women. Basically they’re the Vandals for Women. Hence the name “Scandal”