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Having had a good week to listen to this cd(yes a week, and no it wasn’t a messed up “advance” copy that doesn’t even have all the tracks listed), all I gotta say is “Damn!!!” I never got into T.I. until a couple of years ago. The occasional listen to his older tracks before “King” dropped were okay, but I still wasn’t convinced.  Rewind to Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008. I get a real copy of “Paper Trail” from a source. I guess having some more run-ins with the law earlier this year are bound to change your life.

Hands down, this is the album that makes T.I. so great! “On Top of The World” featuring Ludacris and B.o.B, both ATL citizens baiscally sums up why those two are Atlanta’s biggest artist alongside OutKast, and Jeezy. The introductory yodeling of “Live Your Life” featuring Rihanna are tiresome compared to the Gwen Stefani inducing “Wind It Up.” The song hits so hard thanks to Just Blaze’s drum pattern programming. This album plays through very smooth, its only misses might be “Porn Star”, the required “lemme be ur man, cuz im trying way too hard to get at you” type song. Overall, best album of 2008! Hands down!!!

Favorite Track: T.I.-“Live Your Life” featuring Rihanna

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