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Monthly Archives: September 2008

I know, no recent post in a while. Sorry, been ebaying it up trying to get rid of stuff. Havent really had any time to post anything. That ebay hustle is crazy.

Ya Boy- Like A Hustler feat Nu Jerzey Devil


New stuff from Cake

Reasonable Doubt. My 3rd  favorite album of all time. Hands down, point blank.

So Mr. West heard our pleas for a cleaner version of this song. The drums are cleaner and the singing is still eehh. Some parts were re-sung but his singing still sucks. Oh well.

Kanye West- Love Lockdown

Well, Im sorry for not updating this thing again, but I’ve been busy. Well, yesterday was the 12 year anniversary of a great man’s death. I didn’t hear any tributes on the radio, BET didn’t even do anything, MTV…NOPE, VH1=0. It’s hard to forget a person,who was in the public eye, but it is also hard for us to remember him, because we didn’t know him personally. So today, a day later, I’ll pour a lil out for the dude.


What a week! Disneyland, SoCal, Melrose, West Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Pismo Beach!!!! Well, vacation was a long needed thing. I didnt update the site because I just ddnt have the time during vacation. So sorry for the lacks of updates. BTW I saw Bow Wow at Flight Club in LA. He’s HELLA short!

Luckily, I got something for you guys….

Kanye West-Love Lockdown

Ya Boy!!!!! The mixtape finally dropped(about a week ago). Definitely been banging this hard. Don’t get it twisted, this is not that hyphy stuff, although there is one hyphy type joint on here. This is that SF gangsta shit!

Ya Boy-The Bay Area Bully

Been meaning to post this for a while now. If you know me, you know anything Diplo related, I HAVE, HEARD, READ it! So when I saw that one of my fav mags did an interview with the dude, I had to post it.


Diplo-Brew Barrymore

Marlena Shaw-California Soul(Diplo Remix)

Santogold-Lights Out(Diplo Panda Bears Mix)

She scored platinum with the Fugee’s and as a solo artist. Then, she got married, had a kid and basically called it quits. So when material from Lauryn Hill surfaces, you better get to it and cop it!

Lauryn Hill-The World Is A Hustle