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Well I have decided to start this blog over again!!! The first one died and buried itself in a shoebox(a Air Jordans box, btw). The reasons why I wanted to do this over again is because it is the internet and you always get a a second chance, unless its an email or IM you didnt mean to send, then you’re screwed.

I plan to use this time to educate folks about whatever I want. I don’t want to delve too much into personal things, but who knows, I just might!

So, with out further delay, “Lets Start The Show!!”

I’m headed to Tahoe for a couple of days. Im trying to get my paper stacked right over at the craps tables!

Lake Tahoe, casinos, time away from work, time with my baby. I love it! I know I am going to need to listen to some music for the couple of days being there so….

Murs and 9th Wonder Mixtape is out!!!!!!!!!!

Do Not Sleep On This Dude, PLEASE!!!! His new album, “Murs For President” comes out soon.

Murs-Better Than The Rest

You guys feeling that new Nas? I dare not mention the title of it(Reggin, Colbert Report people should know this). Soory not going to share any links for this CD! I support Nas 100%! Buy the album!

Last and certainly not least, Kid Cudi!!! This dude is beyond your typical rapper. I won’t even talk about him anymore. I’ll let his music do the rest

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  1. Kid Cudi x 10 deep

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