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Colin Munroe is back. After adding his touch to “Flashing Lights,” Colin is back with a dope mixtape, “The Unsung Hero”

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Benzi, Wale, Kid Cudi, Charles Hamilton, Kanye. What more could you want?

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Adele_19_FC copy

Adele!!!!! With her four nominations for 19, Mick Boogie(Viva La Hova) had this wicked idea.

“Adele’s album 19 set trends and created influence in the pop, rock and international worlds. But what would happen if the vocals and instruments of 19 were combined with the hip-hop sensibilities of the late 1980s, considered by many hip-hop’s golden age?

The result is the new release from Mick Boogie… Adele: 1988.”

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New video from N.E.R.D. Still havent bought this album yet? What you waiting for??????!!!!!!!


The Clipse are back. In support of their new clothing line Play Cloths and the upcoming album Till the Casket Drops, Pusha T and Malice talk that cocaine cowboy shit. Cop it here!

Well the latest video from Jay-Z “Brooklyn Go Hard” is off the Notorious soundtrack. The video, directed by Evan Roth is done in typography. So Sick!

Last week I was contacted to make a video for a new Kanye West produced Jay-Z song for RED & the Global Fund to Fight AIDS in Africa. It launched today (WorldAIDS Day) at And while I’m happy to be able to help the cause I’m also more than a little bit excited about getting a chance to make something for the likes of Jay-Z and Kanye. I’ve been turning down client requests to use Typographic Illustration for 5 years in hopes that one day the phone would ring and it would be Hova. – Roth

Spotted at elitaste.

‘Bout damn time this thing dropped. Directed by Chris Robinson, the video was shot during Homecoming at Howard University. look out for that that Wale album that drops in 2009. I never got into Nike ACG boots, except this one pair I had back in 95.

jay-z1New Jay-Z

Dreaming Again

Brooklyn Go Hard

“On november 25th, 1491
Santiago defeats the last muslim stronghold, grenada
King ferdinand gave thanks to God for victory
And the pope of rome and declared this date to forever be
A day of thanksgiving for all european christians

.. now listen, when you celebrate thanksgiving
What you are actually celebratin
Is the proclamation of the pope of rome
Who later, in league with queen isabella
Sent cardinal ximenos to spain
To murder any blacks that resisted christianity
These moors, these black men and women
Were from baghdad, turkey
And today, you eat the turkey, for your thanksgiving day
As the european powers destroyed the turkeys
Who were the forefathers of your mothers and fathers
Now fight the power, you bitch-ass niggaz!”

Ras Kass-Nature of the Threat


So I have given this album a weeks worht of listening. Yes, this is my one of my few favorite albums of 2008, and no, I will not let you get a copy(go buy your own!)

Some songs I knew I liked from the leaks, and the rest of the album I enjoyed. A couple of misses though. The opening track Say You Will, is an interesting opener. Clocking in at over 5 minutes, the last 3 minutes is tiresome with electronic keyboard jabs here and there. I don’t want to bore you with a long ass review since I don’t get paid to do so. JUST BUY THE ALBUM! You won’t be disapponted!